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Wait…you don’t know where Oz is?

It wasn’t very good today. You could see that the sky was getting more and more cloud and rain would soon fall. Biting her lip, Ayumi looked at her clothes and said that finding a shelter had to be done quickly!

The rain was beginning to fall and the chain soon found wet. Seeking shelter, she raced against a person without notice. Oh, I didn’t see you. Excuse me!”

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Oz’s cheek turn slightly Pink at her words.

“Warm…” the young woman did not pay attention to her actions and unwittingly, she surrounds her arms around Oz to feel the heat. The only one who could heal. “Kof kof kof …”

Oz stiffened a moment but relaxed. Alice had dragged Gil for meat earlier so it wasn’t like anyone would come barging in.

Returning to her spirits a little. Ayumi came to understand what she was doing. Strongly backing .. She bowed her head Oh. Sorry … I didn’t want to embarrass you. That’s right, the first time something warms me …

Oz smiles. for some reason Ayumi reminded his slightly of Alice. ” it’s alright.”

Ayumi did not know what to say because of the discomfort. In her mind, she wanted to return to his arms as she had cold again on the bed. Of course, she would never dare to ask … She continued to shake cold case.

Oz thought a moment before he pulled Ayumi up slightly so he could pull the blankets from under her to over her. ” A little better?’

Ayumi couldn’t help but be embarrassed with the attention that was being given her. But her cheeks were red with shame or because she was sick? Clinging to the cover, she bowed her head. This is sweet But it is very cold. Her eyes became sad. You know, I can not warm me like everyone else … Because of my power ..